Don’t Try This At Home


Just to show you that I have a sense of humor, I’m starting off this blog with a recipe that didn’t work out that well, although it looks pretty good. 

I was trying to make Food 52’s retro dinner of patty melts and chocolate pudding.  The patty melts were delicious – post to follow, but the pudding had some problems.

First of all, the recipe called for tapioca flour.  I usually avoid recipes with an ingredient that I will only use once, but I remembered that I had a box of tapioca that’s been sitting in my pantry for eons and thought I could use that.  But while doing my shopping, I saw a bag of tapioca flour and realized that tapioca and tapioca flour are probably different things.  So I bought the tapioca flour to be on the safe side — the lure of chocolate pudding was too strong.  Now I have two tapioca items that I will likely never use again, taking up valuable real estate in my too-small pantry.

The recipe’s first step was to combine 2 egg yolks and 3 tablespoons tapioca flour in the blender and blend until a light-colored paste forms.  I don’t know about your blender but that little bit of yolk and flour didn’t even reach the top of my blade.  Light-colored paste was not happening.  After much scraping with a spatula, I sort of got close.

Then I was supposed to pour the hot milk mixture I had brought to a boil into the blender while it was running.  However, I was afraid that I would spill it, so I quickly took the top off (while the blender was off, of course), poured the hot milk in, put the lid back on, and blended.  Not such a good idea.  The hot milk immediately cooked the egg, so when I was cleaning the blade later, I was scraping off bits of cooked yolk.  There’s a reason the recipe says to pour the milk in while the blender’s running.

Learning my lesson, I added the chocolate while the blender was on.  The recipe called for 66% cacao dark chocolate, chopped, but the Good Enough Gourmet does not chop chocolate when there are chocolate chips to be had. 

The recipe then said to strain the mixture before putting it into serving bowls and refrigerating.  The Good Enough Gourmet does not strain unless absolutely necessary.

All of this is to say, the pudding came out mediocre.  A little salty, not quite set enough (another day would have taken care of that), and overall funny-tasting.  Sometimes good enough is not quite good enough.


3 thoughts on “Don’t Try This At Home

  1. The best, and simplest, chocolate pudding recipe comes from Penzey’s catalog! I generally sub in better quality cocoa powder, but it’s easier and better than most the “pots de creme” recipes I come across.

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