I Do This So You Don’t Have To

Sometimes the recipes I find on food blogs have their problems.  Consider this dish, which was chicken baked in a marinade.  Unfortunately, I baked it in a Pyrex (above) and the marinade boiled over, creating burnt tumor-like structures on the bottom of the oven and the side of the pan.  I would have chucked the recipe altogether except the chicken was delicious.  I’ll  try again and post the recipe when I get it right.

And then there was the chicken I made last night.  It involved many steps — marinating chicken, sauteing vegetables and setting them aside (dirtying a dish!), tossing the chicken in flour but the recipe neglected to say to dry the chicken first, resulting in goopy chicken (and another dirty dish), then browning the chicken, adding liquid, adding back the veggies, and cooking in the oven.  After all that, the dish was only mediocre.

I promise that I will only post recipes that I’ve tried and have passed the Good Enough Gourmet family dinner test.  But if for some reason, you have a kitchen disaster like the one above with one of my recipes, let me know!  Got to keep the standards up!


1 thought on “I Do This So You Don’t Have To

  1. If this dish is delicious enough to keep, then maybe using a disposable foil pan would be a practical (though not environmentally-friendly) solution.

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