My Favorite Tools – Spoons

From time to time, I’ll share with you some of my favorite cooking tools.  Good tools make cooking easier and more pleasant.  Here are my favorite spoons and what I use them for.

Everyone needs a good wooden spoon.  I love the round shape, the sturdiness, the smoothness and the dark color it’s acquired from years of use.  Also, it comes from France.  Via Sur La Table.

This is a spoonula.  It does everything a wooden spoon can do and pretty much everything a spatula can do.  You can tell by the chipped top that I use it a lot.  This spoon is excellent for dishes that require stirring and scraping, such as the millet recipe a few posts ago.  It’s also excellent for deglazing pans, because of the flat top — you can scrape the brown bits off the bottom of the pan better than with a wooden spoon.  It’s also great for scraping out every drop of marinade or cream, or whatever viscous liquid I’m using, from the measuring cup into the pan.  I got this at Williams-Sonoma, but they have them everywhere.

I love this spoon.  It’s great for serving, especially saucy dishes like stews or dishes that sort of require cutting but are soft enough that you don’t need a knife — like a baked pasta dish.  Because the edges are sharper that a plastic spoon, the servings are much neater.  And do you know how some pasta recipes ask you to reserve some of the pasta water?  I just wait until the pasta is almost cooked and the water is nice and starchy, then I use this spoon to transfer a little of the water from the pasta pan to the pan I’m using for the sauce. This spoon is also excellent for basting roasted meats — much easier to clean than my baster.  I got this at a restaurant supply store.  I also have a slotted spoon just like it, but I rarely use that one.


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