Passover Dinners

I haven’t been posting lately because my dinners have just been ok.  Good Enough for dinner, but not Good Enough to share with you.  This is probably because it’s been Passover.  In addition to bread products, rice, legumes, and pasta are all off limits.   There go all my usual suspects.

Here’s what we’ve been eating:

1) Lamb chops and fingerling potatoes.  Lamb chops broiled and potatoes boiled.

2) Chicken meatballs and roasted red peppers.  Substituted matzo meal for the breadcrumbs in the meatball mixture.  Since matzo meal is not a staple in most households, I’ll make it again sometime with bread crumbs and post about it.  It was yummy.

3) Creamy broccoli soup and salad.  I’ll make this again when I can make croutons to put in the soup.  It was good, but something was lacking.  Oh yeah, it was croutons.

4) Chicken cutlets breaded (you should excuse the expression) in matzo meal, with an escarole salad.  The salad was a little weird (chopped parsley, macadamia nuts and romano cheese were involved) and my daughter said the escarole was bitter, but I think I can adapt the recipe.  Don’t be surprised if you see a version of this dish in the future.  And look how lovely:

5) Hamburgers with sauteed onions and mushrooms, like the patty melts I previously posted about, minus the bread and the cheese.  Still good.  Side dish was sweet potato and regular potato fries.

6) Matzah pizzas, made on the night that we went to our daughter’s concert and didn’t have time to make dinner.

7) Planned to make but never got around to it: tilapia with green olives and roasted asparagus.  Something to look forward to this week.  But maybe we’ll have a baguette on the side, now that Passover is done!


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