Garlic Press

Not all garlic presses are created equal.  I had a garlic press when I first started cooking — no doubt I received it as a wedding or shower gift.  It didn’t work well at all.  It was hard to press the garlic, and much of the garlic was wasted.  I assumed that all garlic presses were bad.  For years, I chopped garlic by hand, using the smash-the-clove, remove-it-from-the-skin, and chop method.  For years, my fingers always smelled vaguely of garlic.

Somewhere along the line, I acquired a Zyliss Susi garlic press.  What a revelation!  It worked like a dream.  I haven’t chopped garlic since.  When my daughter was a toddler, the garlic press disappeared.  I suspect she was playing with it — she liked to play with kitchen objects — it’s no surprise that she’s a good cook now.  When it became clear that I wasn’t finding it any time soon, I bought a replacement faster than you can say Zyliss.

Now if only I could find a device that would chop my onions for me.


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