Good Enough Gourmet Joins a CSA, Part 2: Obsession

IMG_2806 IMG_2811

So I’ve been obsessed by my CSA.  As I said in my last post, my first delivery came on a Sunday and I panicked a little, wondering what I was going to do with all that produce.  Sunday is my meal planning day so receiving the produce, planning my menu, and shopping in half a day was stressful.  Then I got smart.  The CSA posts what’s going to be in the boxes on the Wednesday prior.  So first thing Wednesday, I check online and then proceed to check every, uh, two or three minutes until it was posted.  Once it was posted, I copied the list onto paper, separating the list into fruits, vegetables to be used in a main course, and vegetables to be used as a side dish.  And then spent pretty much every minute thinking about what to make with these ingredients.  It was like being on the TV show Chopped or Master Chef, where you get a basket of ingredients and have to use them all.  Seriously, I’d be sitting in meetings at work thinking, “swiss chard and parsnips, hmm.”

Later that day, I received an email with the contents of the farm box.  It was different from what was posted in my online shopping cart earlier!  Help!  How can I make the Salade Nicoise I was planning without green beans?  Which list was right?  So I called the CSA…..and didn’t get a call back.  They probably have me on a “do not call” list for being a crazy lady.  (About a week later they did call me back and apologized profusely for temporarily misplacing my message and said that I could call as often as I wanted.)  So I changed my whole menu plan based on the new list, and lo and behold, when I received the basket, the first list was right and I got my green beans, but too late to make the Salade Nicoise.

My obsession is the antithesis of what getting a Farm Box is all about.  It’s about working with what’s fresh and in season, being flexible, rather than constructing rigid meal plans.  However, I’m a full-time working mom and weekends are my only time to grocery shop.  If I don’t plan out our meals in advance, we don’t eat.  So I’m ok with my obsession. Plus, it’s like a game, figuring out how to use every piece of produce.  Here’s what we had in CSA week 2:

  • Roast chicken with roasted purple potatoes and heirloom carrots
  • Chicken caesar salad and citrus salad with tarragon
  • Butternut squash soup and artichokes with garlic aoili
  • Omelets with tarragon, shallots and goat cheese; roasted beets, and sauteed beet greens
  • Quiche with swiss chard, broccoli, and zucchini
  • Risotto with green beans and heirloom carrots; green saladIMG_2812




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